A bit more ecological wedding photographer – the year 2011

The number one value for my business is accountability. I just got year 2011 CO2-emission compensation certification from NordicOffset Oy.  So here it is – an environmental impact report of my company and why I can say that I’m a bit more ecological wedding photographer.

Todistus Neutral Business 2011
Niko Paulanne Photography year 2011 CO2-emission compensation certificate

Year 2011 environmental impact report

In all my actions towards saving the environment I try first to reduce the emissions by affecting the source. It is better that there is no emissions to nature in first place than try to fix or compensate afterwards. This is why I use hydroelectricity, which is one of the cleanest forms to produce electricity. From here below I have put up a report from a very small business friendly tool, a climate calculator made by WWF. To this climate calculator it is really easy to gather all the CO2-data from the company and same time it is easy to see what kind of impact one’s company has to the environment.

Niko Paulanne Photography year 2011

CO2-emissions together [tons]

Electricity consumption 0

Heating consumption 0,61

Road traffic 0,72

Rail traffic 0,02

Local public transportation 0,05

Air traffic 0

Water traffic 0

Traffic between home and workplace 0

Road transport 0

Rail transport 0

Air transport 0,07

Water transport 0

Transport of letters 0

Paper consumption 0,01

Office appliances 0,89

Furniture 0,35

Waste 0,01

Compensation -2,73

Total 0

What one should notice about the year 2011 CO2-emission report of my company made  by the climate calculator? As I already mentioned before showed the table the first you will notice about the electricity and heating consumption. In Finland the climate is such that heating consumption is huge part of all energy consumption. As thinking of CO2 my company consumes hydroelectric which is assumed as CO2 neutral energy source. This means that in my one man company the heating consumption CO2-emission consist only a little bit of oil consumed during coldest winter time which is that 0,61t/ year.

Road traffic is usually one of the most environmental impacting elements and so it is also in my company. I try to reduce road traffic impact by arranging the meetings with my clients to the city centers. By arranging this way I go to the meetings with public transportation. I also try to minimize usage of car on the business trips, but to the weddings and portrait sessions it is usually really hard to bring photography and lighting gear without car.  The car used to transport gear is a diesel van with annual consumption of diesel 5,5 litres/ 100km.

I’m really happy that the CO2-emissions of my company last year and this on going year is on the low-level. As I thought more carefully last year my acquisitions, checked more carefully my travels and,  of course, used CO2-compensation I surely can say I’m that a bit more ecological wedding photographer.

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