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My sole purpose is to make wonderful images which capture your important moments together with your loved ones.

My services include collections and á la carte -hourly pricing.

Niko Paulanne Photography is available worldwide



Your Day – Wedding Photography

To be able to capture Your unique celebration – Your Wedding Day – to hundreds of vivid, living images is really important to me. Thank You for Your trust to consider me as Your wedding photographer!

Because we are talking about Your celebration and every celebration is unique, I would like to know You a little bit better. Anywhere in the world you are getting married we can plan together Your Day – Wedding Photography – as You would like it to be!

In every Your Day – Wedding Photography Collection is included top quality exclusive Luxus Wedding Photobook, engagement Together with Love photography session, own web gallery, pre wedding consultation and all images you ordered in digital form in your very own mobile phone and tablet application (app). Your Day – Wedding Photography – Whole Day – Collections prices start at 1198€  and wedding portrait photography starts at 198€.

What my customers say:

Niko Paulanne oli erittäin ystävällinen, joustava ja ammattitaitoinen valokuvaaja. Palvelu oli lämminhenkistä ja kuvaustilanteesta Niko sai luotua rennon ja hauskan tapahtuman. Meidän hääkuvamme eivät olisi voineet onnistua paremmin ja kuvista huokuu juuri se tunnelma, joka hääpäivänämme vallitsi. Paulanteella oli useita hyviä hääkuva-ideoita ja hän otti myös huomioon hääparin toiveet. Suosittelemme Niko Paulannetta kaikille hääpareille!



Together with Love

To be able to capture Your journey together captured to vivid, living photos, is really important to me. Because we are talking about Your Journey and every journey is unique, I would like to know You a little bit better. Let’s plan Your Together with Love session – as You would like it to be!

This option is also for you, if you want stunning wedding portraits taken by us!

Together with Love photography prices start at 198€.



Boudoir photography, morning gift photography, secret box photography. Beloved one has many names Boudoir images are given as morning gifts for the loved one after the first night as newlywed, birthday and Christmas present or boudoir images are taken as memories just to one’s own secret box. Boudoir images are for ordinary women, not only for tall model-sized women but also XXL and XXS -sized, tall ans short, old and young.

Boudoir images come very like the photographer sees them as an artist, but usually the purpose of the photographs are to show classical, tasteful image of the giver of the present photograph. Romantic image of oneself is very personal and pleasent present and way to tell your love to your loved one.

More about my Boudoir-photgraphy you can find from my

How are you different from other jubilee and wedding photographers?

I know how important your day is. And I truly know how important it is to find a just rigth photographer for you. You got only one chance – it is most important to choose rigth. I’m here during whole process giving you guidance and I really like to learn to know people, what is important to them, how did they meet. More I know more about story of you more I can bring up your own personality in you and capture your images to reflect true YOU.

And that is why I can promise you the best service in Finland.

Will your style and our style match?

Yes, if like to have warm hearted love filled celebration, like fun and colourful days, stress free time with each other – in other words like to be together with love. When two hearts combine that is where I also want to be – along photographing.

On other hand if you describe yourself as an organiser who wants everything to happen meticulously right on the minute… I can recommend some wonderful wedding or jubilee photographers who specialize in that kind of work.

How much is travel costs beyond Tampere region?

Costs are two-parter: travel expenses and per diem.

Travel expenses are included in service collections to following cities: Tampere, Kangasala, Pirkkala and Lempäälä. In general you can calculate travel expenses from Kangasala with Google Maps ( and multiply kilometres from Kangasala festivity city and back to Kangasala with 0,45€/km.

Also, if your festivity city is over 150km from Kangasala: per diem is an all-inclusive 100€ per night (meals, lodging). Every wedding requires at least two-night stay (the night before and the night of).

Example: A wedding in Helsinki costs 347,60€. Helsinki is 164km  from Kangasala, resulting in all-inclusive travel fee Helsinki-Kangasala-Helsinki 147,60€ plus 200€ in total per diem.

This is how it is 99% of cases. But some unique circumstances of your event may alter your fee sligthly.

How we book you?

First we arrange a meeting. After the meeting you’ll sign up with a non-refundable retainer to hold your date. After this we sign written contract of photography.

The rest of chosen collection balance is due at least 30 days before jubilee or wedding.

2012-08 Yhdessä Rakkaudella - Natalie ja Turo (5)
Together with Love

Do you use second shooters or assistants?

Yes if your service collection includes second shooter, but I by myself will always be the primary shooter. Sometimes I can have an assistent to carry my photography equipment.

Second shooter brings a lot more possibilities to capture your day in different angles.

When will we see our images?

If your service collection includes viewing session that will be held at latest four weeks after your wedding or jubilee. All the products ordered or included in your service collection will usually be delivered first to me and I personally check up that everything is in perfect condition. The products will then be delivered all in one shipment to your home.

What my customers say:

Niko on kuvaaja, joka tekee työtään sydämellään ja ammattitaitoisesti. Juhlistimme yhteistä kymmenvuotista taivaltamme Yhdessä rakkaudella -kuvauksella Pyynikin maisemissa; voimme siis suositella häntä muihinkin elämäntapahtumiin kuin häihin kuvaajaksi. Nikolla oli hyviä ideoita kuvauspaikoista ja hän sai meidät heti rentoutumaan ja unohtamaan kameran 🙂 Meille jäi paljon hauskoja muistoja kuvaussessiosta ja – ennen kaikkea – monta upeaa kuvaa!

Taina ja Tero

Your Unique Celebration Deserves the Best Photobook – Luxus Photobook

Your Luxus Photobook is printed in European QtAlbums. Luxus Photobook lays flat, and there is no paper cut on folding area.

2011-02-04-kuvakirja-vai-valokuvakirja 2011-02-04-kuvakirja-vai-valokuvakirja

I have all the cover colours and materials and I can present them to You if You would like to see the absolutely fantastic quality of the QTAlbums.

Have You trouble finding gift for Your friend?

The Gift Card will solve Your problem! The Gift Card can be used to pay any our services or products. The Gift Card is valid for one year from purchase date and the Gift Card is delivered to customer by post.

The Gift Card can be used to pay any our services or products. The Gift Card is valid for one year from purchase date and the Gift Card is delivered to customer by post.

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