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Five years ago I discovered my special ability to capture wonderful moments together to vivid, living images with love and warmth.

Images in which you find the kisses, hugs, looks, smiles, your loved ones and friens again and again.


Niko Paulanne

”I’ve been shooting photographs almost all my life. As I was youngling I was mystified by the art photography of my mother. So I decided to take some art photos by myself – although the concrete wall and the concrete ceiling was artistic enough for 4-year old.

Today on different occasions I’ll try to document jubilee and everyday life by photographing and catching the essence of the moments. As a professional photographer I want to especially take all the wishes of the customer into consideration when planning the photosession. This way I can stay behind the scenes on the occasion – so that the essence will stay as it should be. Without disturbance.”

What my customers say:

Niko on kuvaaja, joka tekee työtään sydämellään ja ammattitaitoisesti. Juhlistimme yhteistä kymmenvuotista taivaltamme Yhdessä rakkaudella -kuvauksella Pyynikin maisemissa; voimme siis suositella häntä muihinkin elämäntapahtumiin kuin häihin kuvaajaksi. Nikolla oli hyviä ideoita kuvauspaikoista ja hän sai meidät heti rentoutumaan ja unohtamaan kameran 🙂 Meille jäi paljon hauskoja muistoja kuvaussessiosta ja – ennen kaikkea – monta upeaa kuvaa!

Taina ja Tero


I’m native Finnish, fluent English speaking and good Swedish speaking person. I can also manage with German language. I’be been working over 10 years on IT-industry same time trying to finish my masters in programming engineering, until I decided to found Suomen Juhlakuvauspalvelu – Finnish Jubilee Photography Service and Suomen HautajaiskuvauspalveluFinnish Funeral Photography Service year 2008, and also & -services year 2012. I also write to -blog.

I’m an regular Finnish guy who sometimes get a bit nerdy with his several computers at home. I’m happy to have my lovely wife Riikka and our dogs miniatureschnautzers Nanni and Omena keep me out of computers on weekends. You can check out our dogs from Riikka’s blog Nappisilmän koiruudet (in Finnish only, sorry).

I call myself as optimistic and forever life studying person so I decide to pursue my dream in professional photographing world. My decision was to try to do only truly heart touching things in life and it was influenced greatly by my passed away wife Minna. She showed by her own example to me that by doing also little things one can also make good things happen on lives of other people.

By doing these little things I want today document Your celebration and everyday life to unforgettable photographs.

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